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Personal Web Pages


Personal web pages are FREE at Labyrinth Solutions. Personal pages are designed to be used for non-commercial (i.e., non-advertising) purposes only. The space allocated can only be used by the Labyrinth Solutions customer and can not be used for any other purpose unless expressly permitted (in writing) by Labyrinth Solutions.


Business (commercial) web pages are a highly cost-effective way of advertising. Check out Labyrinth's low price web hosting for businesses.


The first requirement for setting up a web page is to request a web page directory be setup for you. You can do this by sending your request to  or by Ordering Services.

Your directory name will be the same name as your user name.

EXAMPLE: If your user name is smith then your directory will be named smith.

Your user name dictates what your web page address will be. Your address will always look like: user name

EXAMPLE: Using the example above (user name 'smith') then your web page address will be:


After you have a  web page directory, you now have server space for your web pages. How do you get this web page? Well, we'd be more than happy to design it for you (for a nominal fee, of course) or you can design it yourself using some of the many web page design software utilities on the market.

Our favorite web page editor is Macromedia Dreamweaver because of it's robust features. It's a little expensive and has a somewhat steep learning curve, but it makes web page designing a breeze once your familiar with the program. If your looking for something more simple, try Contribute. You can also check out the numerous shareware programs at


Once you've created your web page, you need to transfer it to our  web server for it to be accessible by the world. To do this, you need to transfer the file(s) using an Internet technique called File Transfer Protocol (or FTP for short). It's easy if you have an FTP program.


Your opening web page needs to be named welcome.htm

If you have any web page questions, please e-mail