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FTP Instructions

Email with FTP Login Information

STEP 1: Review email received from Labyrinth
(subject heading - new website information) - sample content below:

-- Web Site Setup Info --

You are receiving this mail because the domain was just created or moved to a new server.

FTP to :
Username : www_yourdomain
Password : p890nt

If this is a new domain, you'll need to make sure that the WHOIS info on your domain points to our nameservers. Your domain registrar should have given you a control panel URL, username, and password for changing this data.

DNS Servers: - -

Our NIC handle is HL429-ORG

Please retain this information for your records.

This message was sent automatically by the webserver at Labyrinth Solutions - please do not reply.
If you have any questions, please call 304-292-7700 or mail

STEP 2: Install and open CuteFTP